Hi - I am Jay, the founder of Turner Street Walking Tours! 

If you join the Free Salem Walking Tour, I will be your guide.

 I was born, raised, and educated in Massachusetts. 

Today, Salem is my home. 

I am a high school history educator with well over a decade of experience teaching American history. Because of my experience in the classroom, I know how to effectively engage groups of people. When I started this business in 2023, I spent countless hours walking Salem's streets, researching this history, and then writing what I think is Salem's best tour. As a teacher, I know how to distill complex and vast amounts of information into the most interesting and entertaining stories. I am also able to use Salem and its stories as a way of reflecting on important themes and debates in American history, as I have done in my class for years. As someone who has professionally written local histories about Salem, it is this particular lens that shaped the more holistic narrative I tell about the history here.

Having been on dozens of walking tours in countries across three continents, I can tell when a tour is good and when one is bad. I have taken best practices from around the world and brought them here. I know that Salem's visitors usually only have a day or two to see the city. With Turner Street Walking Tours, you're not going to get employee #14 rehashing a tired script. You won't have someone standing in front of you droning on and on. You'll avoid the embellishments, the tourist traps, and half-truths. You'll have me, someone who simply loves Salem and its history.

This is a tour built for the visitor who enjoys authentic travel experiences in a new city.